George Bailey

Now I’m just trying to talk about it without crying (thank god im typing it) but it took a long time to get here. My mom compares it to George Bailey from “It’s a Wonderful Life” taking over the building and loan after his father died. Because that’s what I essentially did, working to help my family, while my brother went off to live somewhere else, (not a slight against my brother I promise) I spent my time working at a thankless job to help pay bills and survive for long enough to come back to Staten Island!

The past 4 years has been nothing but a struggle. Working sometimes 60-hour weeks. And having very abusive bosses, I tended to not have it so easy. I am actually really proud of myself for not breaking down and quitting and actually lasting as long as I did. If I hadn’t u wouldn’t be at the Staten Island Panera! There were days where I thought I would never get to go back to school, I would just work forever and never get my dream job. But I pushed myself. And I did well.

School has been a long time coming, I’m not at all upset or resentful about taking that time off to help, Because it helped me grow as a person and I’m better for it! Not many of my friends know why I am 25 and am just coming back to school.

My first semester back was Incredible and I am sorta shocked that I was able to pull it off with 4 A’s and a B. I DID IT AND CAME OUT WITH A 3.7 GPA HIGHEST IT HAS BEEN IN THE COMBINED 3 YEARS AT OCCC. So I just wanna say that I am proud of myself. And I am doing my parents a great honor being a good student and being a better student leader!!! I’m so proud and I really hope I don’t sound conceited but I really just want to let y’all know that I’m glad to be back…and I have friends.

P.S.: I started writing this post back in August when I started school. And it took me this long to write it!! 8 MONTHS EVERYBODY!!!! AM I A GOOD PROCRASTINATOR?!


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